IDM offers off-the-shelf and custom solutions to fit your project’s industrial data needs.

Our services include: Historian, Data Tracking, Data Reporting, Data Entry, Recipe Control, Network Security, SQL Database, and .Net development. 
With 25 years of combined experience, our Industrial Data Specialists will help you design and implement your data/security needs.

Network Security

We offer a new innovative solution that will allow you to use your existing business network infrastructure. Tempered Network’s equipment utilizes the same technology used at the nation’s biggest commercial/defense aerospace manufacturer. This system creates secure encrypted channels to talk over existing plant communication, which eliminates the need for two separately managed networks. 

IDM also offers isolated plant network design leveraging – Dell, Cisco, or Rockwell automation technologies. This model gives a safe, reliable solution, keeping the process network isolated from the business network.

Virtualization of Environments

IDM can virtualize your SCADA, Historian, HMI, and SQL databases to eliminate the issues of having multiple servers.  With Virtualization, you can run what used to take five separate physical servers onto just one or two servers.

Data Tracking Solutions

  • Rockwell Historian with Vantage Point EMI
  • OSI Soft Historian
  • Canary Labs Historian and Tools
  • Kepware Historian with customer’s choice of Historian reporting software
  • Kepware with SQL
  • GE Proficy
  • Custom .net developed software

Recipe Solutions

  • Rockwell Transaction Manager with SQL recipe database and net management tools. This off-the-shelf solution works great with Rockwell-based systems.
  • Custom .net recipe system with Kepware OPC and SQL recipe database. Need more flexibility than current off the shelf solutions, talk with our custom software specialist today to design your recipe solution.