What does Flexible Automation for Extrusion mean?  In today’s compounding systems there are many pieces of mechanical and electronic equipment that make up the entire process.  In most cases,  customer preferred vendors are selected for the extruder, feeders, packaging equipment, etc. In some cases, the system is turnkey engineered, which provides a mix and match of multiple systems which require integration and set-up of the extrusion process.

By selecting ACS, with our 25 years of plastics experience as your engineering partner, we can assist you in developing a customized extruder system to meet your needs.  Our system starts at raw material management and encompasses the process through the extruder and continuing on to the  packaging system.

You can choose what control platform you would like to implement by simply selecting a vendor for PLC, HMI (Human Machine Interface), and feeders.  As an example, one of our most recent projects utilized Modicon (PLC), Intellution (HMI), and Acrison (Feeders).


We have developed a common set of screens that look the same to all operators no matter which control platform or equipment you choose. If you have multiple feeder vendors, Flexible Automation for Extrusion is right for you. The operators will see the same screens to set-up feeders no matter who the manufacturer is. We have taken the extruder process and given it a complete diagnostic trail for easy troubleshooting of the system. This system offers complete data history and SPC capability from raw material to packaging.

To learn more about our system and how to move into the world of Flexible Automation for Extrusion.