With today’s standalone feeder controls ACS has developed the master rate controller interface into the main compounding PLC. Through the main operator interface the PLC  issues all running percentages and also run commands to each feeder and displays all alarms.

This feature eliminates the cost of a master feed controller and incorporates the setup and control into one common HMI that controls the entire process.

ACS has developed the master rate software and control for many PLC / HMI and brand name feeder combinations.

ACS has also developed master rate controller emulation software on many of the common HMI platforms. This software will allow the client to control their master feed controller from the line HMI. This eliminates having to take the time to set up the feeders and then the line at separate locations.

ACS master rate software also allows the client to have several feeder manufacturers on the same line. Most clients think they are trapped with a certain brand because of the interface required. ACS can emulate a master feed controller and also control as the master feed controller. There are some brands that must have the master controller and some can act as a standalone feeder that accepts run commands and material feed rates. With our custom interface we can use the same feeder lingo that the operators are used to seeing. The operator sees one common brand even if there are several on the same line. There is no need to think that you’re trapped to a cost of one brand of feeder.

Over the past few years our clients have requested the interface screens and PLC programs to interface into their PLC systems.

ACS would like to offer the interface screens and PLC programs for sale to our client base.  If you’re interested in purchasing the interface screens and PLC programs  just drop us an email with your feeder brand and PLC brand and we can put together a cost.

The operator can set-up all feeders from the central HMI. Apex Controls Specialists has extensive experience and capabilities in HMI to feed system communication. ACS has field-proven interface solutions for all major brands of feeders, while utilizing numerous  PLC /HMI  platforms.