The client required a control solution that would provide state-of-the-art controls for a new modular extrusion line and also be capable of being plugged into a Global Information Highway. For this requirement, the client consulted with Apex Controls Specialists. The Global Information Highway collects data from each extruder process around the world and compares the data for “Best in Class” product capability.

Any good control system requires thorough understanding of the total process. Apex Controls Specialists has over twenty-seven years of experience in Plastics compounding systems. It is essential to be skilled integrators of all phases of operations, from the raw material handling and feed streams to the disposition of the packaged product. ACS understands that the successful extrusion project requires far more than simply placing equipment on the factory floor. Each successful extrusion project involves fully integrating all processes and issues into a system that fits seamlessly into the client’s business.

Apex Controls Specialists begins at the factory floor when designing a new control system. These systems are designed with the Operator and the Maintenance teams in mind. It is important in each project to supply control systems that Operations can efficiently use and Maintenance has the proper and effective documentation to quickly resolve issues that may arise.